What makes us unique

We speak your language and understand your culture

Over 100 world-class coaches from 50 nationalities covering all continents enable your team to unlock their potential and reach the most challenging corporate goals.

75% - EMEA

Our diverse team in the EMEA region reflects a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and races, fostering an inclusive coaching environment.

15% - America

In America, our team is a melting pot of cultural backgrounds, languages, and races, promoting a multicultural approach to coaching.

10% - Asia

Our Asian team brings together a wealth of cultural heritage, languages, and ethnic backgrounds, providing a deep understanding of the region's nuances in our coaching.

Our Middle East Focus

We have a special focus and passion for the Middle East and our coaches have successfully coached and advised top executives within the region.

We dive into science to create state-of-the art coaching

We specialise in transformation and to make it happen we created our Inner and Outer Self model – a coaching framework based on state-of-art Cambridge research. It allows to start coaching faster and go deeper in understanding of someone's hidden drivers and motivators to unlock their full potential. Our coaches combine this model with their experience of working in the best worlds schools: Harvard, INSEAD, IMD, Cambridge, SDA Bocconi.


We stay 100% flexible to let you create your unique programs

Our coaching model provides scientific rigor and structure, but it can be adapted to different needs. Our 360 diagnostic tools are highly customizable giving you the advantage of creating the right combination of developmental tools for each participant. Our engagement model gives you freedom to manage your coaching budget to achieve maximum result for every dollar invested.


We let you control the program flow and analyze the results

Our AI based coaching platform gives you huge opportunities of control, optimization and analysis. We help you gain critical insights into what needs your employees have and how to develop them further. We also help you develop future programs based on data analysis. The in-depth customized reporting tools make you aware of the quality, attendance and progress are being optimized.

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